Project List

Hi all,We will do some individual and group projects this semester. Here is the list for your reference.  I reserve the right to make some changes during this semester.  Detailed information will be provided when projects are assigned. Always review the detailed description before submitting an assignment.  This is the best checklist to see what you should submit and what you miss.  If you have any questions, just email me at  Thanks!Justine
Foundation-Building Activities – 20%
  • Introduction and Autobiography for Portfolio  5%
  • Learning Environment Design – create a plan for your classroom  5%
  • 4 of 6 Chapter Reading Guides   10%
  • Bonus Points:  Digital Native response   1%
  • Bonus Points: Teacher Boot Camp response  3%
Communication and Collaboration – 25%
  • Tool Commercial – create a commercial about a communication tool   10%
  • Communication Paper   5%
  • Communication Project with Taiwanese Students: 10%
Creativity and Innovation – 25%
  • Slowmation Video – create a stop animation video to teach a particular process or system (i.e. photosynthesis)   10%
  • SmartBoard Design  10%
  • Writing  5%– creative products/ thing, video main ideas, traits of creative people, etc…
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving – 20%
  • ToolKit – develop a set of enrichment resources for a specific grade level and subject area   5%
  • Learning Adventure – develop an online learning adventure for a highly -motivated learning around a specific topic  15%

Participation/Attendance – 10%

  • Miss no more than 2 classes for full credit  (Except for those who got extra absence passes in the beginning of this semester)

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