Problem Solving and Critical Thinking– Day 4

19 Apr

Before we move to the last two sections in the Learning Adventure Project, we need to make sure that you are ready for two things.  The first one is the site construction and the second one is the author introduction.


It is the same as the way you construct your e-portfolio and almost every group has constructed.  Therefore, we just need to work on the navigation bar settings.  Many of you are probably wondering why your pages are showing up in alphabetical order rather than the order you intentionally designed. Because we want to create ease in navigation on the site, it is important to organize our navigation bar.  The order that we have been talking about is as follows:

  • Author Introduction (video)
  • Inquire
  • Hook
  • Organize
  • Explore
  • Show What You Know
  • Apply (Finding a Career)
  • Parent/Teacher Letter

You may have chosen slightly different titles to describe you pages and that is perfectly fine.

If you have question in adjusting the sidebars, please let me know and we will change it today.


In your video you will want to tell about yourself and why you choose this topic.  If you have any questions, take a look at the examples we have.

After finishing recording, you need to save the file, even a .wmv file as an attachment to your Google Page. However, the file might be too big.  I can upload the file to YouTube if you don’t have an account, or you can use your Gmail to log into YouTube.   If you are using iMovie, the tutorial includes specific instructions for uploading.


In this section, you

  • Give children information on answering these types of questions as a career. (Example: sound: audiologist, musician; weather: meteorologist, climatologist, etc.)
  • Link to sites about the career, conduct a brief interview with someone in the field – include a picture if possible.


In this section, you will write a letter to parents/teachers with the following in mind:

  • An introduction to the adventure for parents: purpose of activities, helpful hints, materials needed, what sections need parental guidance, opportunities for extension (field trips, additional books, etc.), include a list of book titles that relate to the question.
  • Rather than simply listing what you find on Amazon – search the Athens library and the CMC – find good books, not just books on the topic.
  • Include LEARNING OBJECTIVES: use national standards, not state standards.


You have created a new site for this project and you need to make a page to describe this Learning Adventure Project in your e-portfolio before your presentation. So…pay attention:

1. To turn it in, you will need to create a new page on your main website called “Learning Adventure”. Then, write a short description of your Learning Adventure (at least 2 paragraphs).

2. Double-check your learning adventure with the rubric.  All group members should do this – make sure everything is covered.

3. Uploading your video to youtube is the easiest way to embed it onto your adventure’s introduction page.  You can login to youtube with your google account. Once you’ve uploaded your video, copy the url, go to your introduction page, click on “Insert”, then choose Video<Youtube and paste in the url that you copied earlier. You’ll just see a yellow box on your page but once you save the page you should be able to view your video. Or you can just embed the video into your e-portfolio…but again..I will worry that the file might be too big.


1. Your learning adventure is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. Please note that this is the absolute last day to turn in any other missing assignments. Talk with me TODAY if you have questions about anything other than your learning adventure – these assignments become 0′s in my gradebook after Thursday’s class.

2. Your website/portfolio should be complete. The only thing left to do is update your introduction page.  Reread what you wrote about what you wanted to learn from the beginning of the semester. Then, write an overview of what you have learned this semester and what you feel you have left to learn. Your final introduction should be at least 2 paragraphs (seriously – you don’ t have a final in here, it’s the least you can do!)

3. During the last day of class (next Thursday) we will:

  • Complete the end-of-course evaluation and a short survey about the cross-cultural communication project.
  • Give 1 minute informal overviews of each learning adventure.
  • Look over each other’s projects from the entire semester, with particular focus on the learning adventure.
  • Select the most exemplary portfolio from our class. Winner will get a prize!
  • Take a class picture.

4. Thursday will be much more enjoyable if everyone:

  • arrives on time
  • brings a small snack to share
  • decorates their workspace so we’re more interested in visiting your “station”
  • smiles for the class picture

5. Don’t forget to bring the gifts for your Taiwanese friends! You can bring in the gifts next Tuesday and Thursday.  Arthur has already send the gifts…so your gifts are on the way already!


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