SMARTBoard Microteaching

5 Apr


Thanks for uploading the great images of the most interesting/ attractive instructional activity in American K-12 learning environment.  They are great and your explanation make the image so vivid.  However, I forgot to tell you that your Taiwanese partners actually are having their spring break right now….so they may give the feedback a little bit later.  Therefore, the discussion will be finished next Tuesday (Apr. 10).

As for the gift exchange, we might need to think about how we are going to do it.  This is the first time that we have uneven students numbers for the communication…so…let’s think about it.


Microteaching is an instructional strategy.  It usually means that teachers watch a series of videos of the lessons after each session.  I try to borrow the idea and make today a microteaching day.  Therefore, all of you are going to teach us your SMARTBoard Notebook activity.  I will give you some time to practice with the real SMARTBoard now…because I feel it’s very different to use the software on SMARTBoard and the laptop.

We may not finish all the presentation today, so we will save some for next Tuesday.  Then we are going to move to the last project: the Learning Adventure.


This project is related to the last two topics, critical thinking and problem solving.  We need to find an essential question and then try to think about some ways to help students to solve that problem.

Here are some example from previous EDIT 2000 students:

Five Senses
Animals on the Farm

By viewing these examples, I hope you will have an idea what this final project will look like.  We will spend next Tuesday to talk about it.


1. Upload your SMARTBoard Notebook Activity to your assignment page in your e-portfolio.

2. Finish the last two reading guides if you need to.  These two reading guides will be due next Thursday, which i also the last day for late pass.

3. Think about some problems that you have encountered in your daily life or some questions that you think children may want to know the answer.


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