Creativity and Innovation–SMARTBoard

3 Apr

Today is an optional day for all of you.  You can choose to come to the class or to stay somewhere you can finish the projects.  I will be in the classroom and answer all your question about VoiceThread and SMARTBoard Notebook.  If you like to work at school or you have questions about these two projects, feel free to come.

You can use today’s class for an attendance make-up day.  If you used both of your free absence passes before today, I will suggest that you come to class today.  If you come, you can cross out one absence record.  If you haven’t used any of your free absence passes and you still show up in class today, you will earn one bonus point.

This is the checklist for what you need to do.

1. Finish uploading your image for discussion topic 2 in VoiceThread.
The topic is : Choose one image that is the most attractive classroom activity  in the K-12 learning environment in your country and explain why.
and remember to answer the three questions:

  • What is the biggest surprise to you?
  • If you were the student, will you like this activity?  Why or why not?
  • Is there any similar classroom activity in your country? What is it?

This should be done by Tuesday midnight (11:59 PM Tuesday), so your Taiwanese partner will be able to see all your descriptions and images in class on Wednesday.

2. Keep working on your SMARTBoard Notebook activity design.  Remember:  In your Notebook activity, you should include the following things.

1) Grade level
2) Content area
3) Georgia Performance Standards
4) Course objective
5) Description of the activity

This is due on Thursday.  This Notebook activity doesn’t need to be fancy or big.  It’s a product to show that you can handle the basic skills of Interactive Whiteboard. I will focus on three things: your creativity (3%), the use of SMARTBoard Notebook software (4%), the description of your design (3%).

Thursday will be your presentation day of your design.  You should come in with a teacher mindset and pretend all of us are your students.  Each of you will have 10 minutes.  I will videotaping your instruction so that you will have a record to show people that you know how to use SMARTBoard.  This instruction will be counted as a bonus activity for 3 points.   Any question about this?  Feel free to ask in class today or email me.


1. Keep working on your VoiceThread Discussion.  Hope to see more interaction among you and your Taiwanese partners.

2. Get ready to teach us with SMARTBoard!



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