Creativity and Innovation–SMARTBoard

29 Mar


I hope you all have got my email on Tuesday.  Please accept my apology again for the bad communication.  Now let’s make everything right.  Please follow my instruction and upload your image about American culture to the right place.

For this discussion topic and the next one, we are going to use this way to upload images and join discussion.  Please give comments to your partners about the American/ Taiwanese culture in the next few days.  We will start the next project next Monday.

The next topic is: Choose one image that is the most attractive classroom activity  in the K-12 learning environment in your country and explain why.  You can find one on the Internet, but remember to respect the intellectual property.  If you can, you can take a picture or draw a picture by yourself to represent the current K-12 learning environment in your country. Then try to describe the environment and point out the focus in the learning environment.

When you make comment to your partners’ images, please try your best to answer the guiding questions.

    • What is the biggest surprise to you?
    • If you were the student, will you like this activity?  Why or why not?
    • Is there any similar classroom activity in your country? What is it?

The image for the second discussion is due at noon next Monday.


Now we are going to see what you have found.  Please demonstrate the SMARTBoard activity you found.


1. Complete the discussion about Taiwanese culture and American culture in VoiceThread by Sunday.

2. Upload an image for the second discussion topic in VoiceThread and comment on that image by Monday.

3. Start to design your SMARTBoard activity.  See examples made by students in previous EDIT 2000 sessions.

1) Grade level
2) Content area
3) Georgia Performance Standards
4) Course objective
5) Description of the activity

We will work on the design of SMARTBoard activity next Tuesday and present to the whole class on Thursday.

4. If you finish the reading guide for chapter 4 and 6, you can upload to your e-portfolio.  I will spend some time this weekend to check your e-portfolio and give you a temporary grade report next Tuesday since we are approaching to the end of the semester.

Have a nice weekend.


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