Creativity and Innovation– Day 5

8 Mar

Hope you come to class with all the images you need for the Slowmation project today.  If you still need time to take pictures, please also plan enough time for you to edit the final product…otherwise, you and your partner still need to meet during spring break.


Before we start to work on the Slowmation project, I want to make sure that all of you are fine with the VoiceThread account now…I sent you all an email yesterday about the VoiceThread account.  If you have any question, please come to see me.  The personal introduction is due tomorrow.  For this project, we try to make everything happen based on the schedule…because it’s a collaboration project.  


We will spend the rest of class time to import your images and edit the slowmation.

If you are done with capturing footage, please check these two files for uploading and editing your slowmation films in MovieMaker and iMovie.  Thanks!

iMovie Instruction

MovieMaker Instruction If you are using MovieMaker, please make sure that you know how to finish this project and upload to YouTube website and what to write in your e-portfolio.


**  I’ve noticed that you all have created a “simple” description about your infomercial projects.  For this slowmation project, I am expecting a little bit more description.  Please consider the following questions.

1. Which grade level?
2. What is the subject?
3. What is the Georgia Performance Standard that you are using to create this instructional video?
4. Why do you think Slowmation is appropriate for this topic?
5. How are you going to evaluate the students’ understanding?
6. What are the difficulties that you have encountered in this project?
7. Do you like this project? Why or why not?
8. Do you think this idea is good for students’ creativity development? Why?
9. How can we improve this project?

For Thursday (March 20):

1. Come to class with your Slowmation ready to present to the whole class!

2. Complete your description about this slowmation project in your e-portfolio.

3. Don’t forget to give feedback to your partners’ personal introduction in your VoiceThread group.  You are supposed to give feedback to each member, including your American partner!  There will be some guiding questions help you give feedback to your partners.  Arthur and I will keep you updated by emails!

Have a nice spring break and St. Patrick’s Day!



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