Creativity and Innovation– Day 3

1 Mar



Let’s share the big ideas about creativity that we learned from the videos we watched.    The ten more video clips


VoiceThread is an online communication software.  It is good for online discussion which based on images.  I think this will be good for this kind of cross-cultural communication, because the images will help you understand the cultures more deeply and thoroughly.  In order to start making your own personal introduction film on VoiceThread website to share with your partners, please help us fill out this form.  The professor, Arthur Wang, will add you into the group.  Please make sure that you submit it before you leave today.


To make these two digital stories, you need to know more about stories.  What is a story?  A story has the introduction, the climax and the end.  So, what you need to know is storyboarding.  Think about the plots.  This website, kdmc, can give you some rough ideas about storyboarding.  Or the digital storytelling website hosted by University of Houston can also give you some ideas.  For the Slowmation project, the story is usually about one minute.  To make that 1-minute story, you probably need 150 photos…because you may not get perfect images all the time.

For the personal introduction story, I am not worried about you guys…because I know that you will do perfectly.  But for the Slowmation project, I want you all to think more about it.  It is an educational story.  What are you going to teach?  Which grade level?  What subject?  Which standard are you going to achieve?  Now, I want you to work with your partners to figure out several things.  but before that, I want to make sure that you all have watched the two stories created by EDIT 2000 students before.

Pythagorean Theorem– created by EDIT 2000 students last May.  This is a 3D animation.  Great idea and set up..but the sound is a little fuzzy.

Shapes– Another EDIT 2000 students’ project.  A 2D animation.

Now get to your partner and talk about these things.

1. Come up with an idea for your video (make sure it matches a Georgia Performance Standard) The best topics are ones that show cycles, systems, formulas, strategies, processes, etc.
2. Plan your storyboard.
3. Decide what props and equipment you’ll need.

On Tuesday, after we talk about VoiceThread a little bit, you’ll have the entire class time available to begin filming and recording your project.  You’ll need to come to class ready to film – with props ready to go.

Materials you need:

1. a camera in each group (make sure the battery is not dead!)
2. a tripod (maybe)  (If you need, you can check it out from OIT on the second floor)
3. materials to make your set-up
4. I will prepare the background velvet for each group.  It is letter-sized, so don’t make big things for your story.  The bigger the set-up is, the longer the distance you need to shoot your footage.  Based on our past experiences, it is better to make sure everything can be put in the letter-sized background.

It will be fantastic if you finish filming next Tuesday and have only narration left for next Thursday. But you’ll need to take 100 or more still images to make a decent length slowmation video – so it might take awhile.  On Thursday I’ll show you what our options are for putting your video together with narration – for now, we just need the pictures.  So come to the class with everything ready!

Before you leave today, make sure that you:

1. have already submitted the VoiceThread information survey
2. have already know what you are going to do for the Slowmation project and what you need to bring next Tuesday to film the footage.

For Tuesday:

1. Collect resources needed for taping: cameras, clay figures, construction paper, models.
2. Write narration (use a google doc if you want to work on this together).
3. Come to class ready to film – NOT ready to come up with an idea and start building models.



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