Creativity and Innovation- Day 2

28 Feb

My life is crazy since last Thursday…I want to share some of the things and events with you all.

First, I went to a fantastic school last Friday.  I got this notification last Thursday after class and decided to join my classmates for the field trip.  We went to the school in Hall County.  DaVinci Academy.  This is really a dream school for both students and teachers.  No principal.  Only 10 teachers and 240 students.  They were having the museum exhibition about Africa and Egypt last Friday.  Students do the research, set up the exhibition and explain everything to visitors all by themselves.  The students don’t have textbooks and the teachers create their own curriculum…this made parents a little bit concerned and worried in their first year.  However, the test scores from their students proved that they can still achieve the goals and all the standards.

Second, I met my research participants– the immigrant adolescents.  They share part of their stories with me and thus broaden my horizon about my research ideas and passion in working with immigrant children.

Last, I had a conversation with the Taiwanese professor and made some conclusions for our project…therefore, I want to talk about this telecommuncation project first.


March 10: Personal Intro Due

March 12-16 UGA spring break
March 20: Feedback to Intro Digital Stories Due
March 21-28:  VoiceThread part I
March 29-April 5: VoiceThread part II
April 10: Project Wrap-up

Two of you will be in a group to communicate with 3 Taiwanese students.  They are all elementary teachers.  Some of them are English teachers, but some are not…You will find out more fun facts about your partners later.

Personal Introduction Digital Story
1. Choose 10 photos that include your self image and you believe that can represent you or your story.
2. Talk about yourself.  There is no guiding questions or limitation about your story.  Share whatever you are comfortable with or whatever you are glad to share with others.
3. Reminder:  Based on the previous experience, we will suggest that you include some simple text in your images and talk slower…because they are all foreign language learners, right?
4. The story itself doesn’t need to be long.


I checked with Dr. Cramond and got the demonstration test of the creativity test they used in the Torrance Center.  Due to test security, we have no access to the real test.  However, the sample will give you some ideas about how creativity can be evaluated.


We didn’t finish this part last Thursday, so let’s finish it.

We all think about and share the traits of creative people in the Google Doc.  Let’s talk about them a little bit.

Some traits of creative people can be considered weird behavior.  As a teacher, do you think that you are prepared to help those creative kids?  Let’s watch this video of a creative girl.  What traits do you think she has?

Here are ten more video clips about this topic.  Each of you will be assigned one video clip and write a short paragraph about the big ideas you learned from that video clip.


One of the creativity and Innovation projects is the creation of Slowmation.  It’s very similar to digital stories.  We are going to try VoiceThread for the Communication with Taiwanese project.  For this Slowmation project, we are going to use another software named SAM Animation.

Slowmation is a project developed by Professor Garry Hoban at University of Wollongong in Australia.  Let’s watch some examples.

Dinosaurs– My favorite one…Can you believe that this was created by a four-year-old?

Using Technology to Communicate– Something fit in our course.

Pythagorean Theorem— created by EDIT 2000 students last May.  This is a 3D animation.  Great idea and set up..but the sound is a little fuzzy.

Shapes— Another EDIT 2000 students’ project.  A 2D animation.

Now, you need to learn how to create digital stories for both projects.  One is all about yourself and the other is a creation.

What is a story?  A story has the introduction, the climax and the end.  So, what you need to know is storyboarding.  Think about the plots.  This website, kdmc, can give you some rough ideas about storyboarding.  Or the digital storytelling website hosted by University of Houston can also give you some ideas.  For the Slowmation project, the story is usually about one minute.  To make that 1-minute story, you probably need 150 photos…because you may not get perfect images all the time.

Also, remember what we talk about the copyright issue.  If you want to use some background music, make sure that you are not breaking the rule.  We will talk more about this issue this Thursday.

I think this is enough for today…so,

For Thursday

1. Complete your Video Feedback and we will talk about the video clips this Thursday.

2. Think about your digital stories…for the Slowmation one, start to communicate with your partner.


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