Creativity and Innovation– Day 1

23 Feb

Before we start our new series, we have several housekeeping things that need to be done.

1. Web 2.0 tool commercial:  We don’t have a winner yet, because we still need to watch Meghana’s commercial.  Therefore, you all will get the feedback and scores next Tuesday.  We will also know the winner next Tuesday.  And I changed my mind…The grade of this assignment will be completely from the average score you get from your peers and me.  It makes me feel less authoritative. 🙂

2. If you get a note about your commercial project and communication paper, then you know what you miss.  There might be some possibilities for you to earn those points back in the future.  However, this is just a reminder for you to keep track of your assignment.

3. I uploaded the grade distribution of each project for this semester for now.  That’s the latest version; however, I may still reserve the right to change it.


1. Meghana’s commercial

2. Choose one classmate’s Web 2.0 tool and think about one way that you can use to enhance the communication and collaboration with your students, your students’ parents, other school teachers and administrative staff.

3. Update of the third project: We decided to try two different ways of communication.  The first one is a digital storytelling project.  You need to create digital stories and share it in a social network.  We are still thinking about possible social networks, but we will keep you updated.  The second one is the VoiceThread.  The professor in Taiwan has already purchased the updated version.  Once we start this project, you will get the invitation from VoiceThread.


Creativity is strongly encouraged in education.  Dr. Bonnie Cramond at UGA is one o the leading professors and researchers in this field.  If you are interested in this field, you can check the Torrance Center at UGA.

Let’s take a look at this creativity map.  What are the fun facts that you notice?

Now, let’s share the most creative products or things that you have created before.

There is a very common game to test your creativity…I really struggle with it a lot.  Let’s try it together.

Kindred Relationship


Some traits of creative people can be considered weird behavior.  As a teacher, do you think that you are prepared to help those creative kids?  Let’s watch this video of a creative girl.

Here are ten more video clips about this topic.  Each of you will be assigned one video clip and write a short paragraph about the big ideas you learned from that video clip.

After this, we will work on creating a chart of the traits of creative people.  This time, please choose a color to represent you.

For Tuesday:

1. Finish the paragraph about the video assigned to you.

2. Work on the chart of the traits of creative people.

3. Complete the reading guide for chapter 5…we will skip chapter 4 for now.  Remember, you need to do 4 reading guides this semester…so make sure you must do this one you can take a rest.

All of these are due at noon next Monday. 

4. I will finish all the grading of your assignment and project that are due before today and give you a grade report next Tuesday individually in class next Tuesday.  If you have any question about your grade, you can check with me then.

Have a nice weekend!


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