Communication and Collaboration– Last Day?! (Maybe)

21 Feb

I experienced the worst communication last week.  The hotel where we stayed last week has no service for cell phone at all.  The Internet service was also on and off.  My roommate needed to go to the hallway every five minutes to reconnect to the Internet.  Mine was a little bit better, but I still couldn’t get online last Wednesday night most of the time.  Therefore, I didn’t get to post our course blog in time.  It was very annoying when you needed to communicate with someone and the communication tools were not working at all.


I hope you are all excited about the class today, because we are going to have the Red Carpet Premium!!  I am so excited about all your commercials.  Instead of asking for volunteers to go the first, I will randomly choose the first one.

Now, we’ve watched most of the commercials.  Let’s try to answer several questions:

1. Choose one classmate’s Web 2.0 tool and think about one way that you can use to enhance the communication with your students, your students’ parents, other school teachers and administrative staff.

2. How can you use the tool to collaborate with others?


I am not sure whether this is the first video you created, but I am pretty sure that this is something that you spend a lot of time and energy in.  Think about other products that we are using in our daily life now.  Do you respect the copyright?  Do you know anything about plagiarism?  Let’s watch two videos.

How will you think if you find out others using your products or assignment without telling you?  Have you ever downloaded songs, movies or other media products illegally?  Do you buy the software?  Do you copy and paste texts from the websites to your papers?  There are so many things that can break the rules.  Here are some more resources related to this topic.

A Fair(y) Use Tale: A witty video on YouTube that shows the extreme of fair use using Disney movies fairly.

Creative Commons: How to license your work and find resources that you can use with permission

Google Advance Image Search: Where you can find images to use with permission Where you can find whether you break the rule of plagiarism  Similar to Turnitin, but free

For Thursday:

1. Remember that your Communication and Collaboration project is due tomorrow morning.

2. Make sure your commercial is uploaded to your e-portfolio with description

3. Create a new page in your e-portfolio and name it “Creativity and Innovation”.  Then create a sub-page under that page and write a short paragraph about the most creative idea or a new creation you have ever come up with before.




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