Communication and Collaboration– Day 3

14 Feb

I sent out two emails to all of you last Friday.  If you didn’t get any email, please let me know.  Thanks!


I hope you will have much more time to play with Jing this week and make a good video.  Just remember to be careful about the most tricky part of Jing: the product link. I am looking forward to seeing all of your commercial next Tuesday!


We are going to work on our second project for the section of communication and collaboration.  Now, let’s answer one question:  Who are you communicating with at school?  Your students?  Definitely!  We spend a lot of time talking about this group of people.  The process of creating your infomercial is to help you think about possible tools that you can use to teach and communicate with them.  But there are still several groups of people that you need to communicate with in K-12 learning environment.  Parents, other teachers, and library media specialists, superintendents, and even teachers in other places……right?  Do you still remember the project we read in chapter 3?  The “Geography Mystery”?  Two teachers in different states work together.  Can you do that?  So this project is going to ask you think more deeply about all these possible communication.  You have several choices and you just need to choose one.

Group 1: Communication with Parents

Choice #1
Here is an interesting research paper showing an example of parent and teacher communication.  After reading this article, write a review and how you think this paper helps you or not in your future career. Develop a plan for using technology to communicate with parents.

Choice #2
Explore this interesting website and this review. Both authors explored several tools that can help teacher-parent communication.  After browsing the complete website and reading the review, tell me how you think about the tools and choose two tools that you think you will use in your classroom and how you are going to use it to communicate with parents.

Choice #3
Read this article.  Does this article help you understand more about parent-teacher communication?  Do you think it is a challenging task to communicate with parents?  How do you think about the parent role and the teacher role?  Do you think this theoretical framework will work?  Based on the theoretical framework, develop a plan for using technology to communicate with parents.

Group 2: Communication with Other Teachers

Watch this video, read this article, and this teacher’s blog post.  Then tell me how you think about teacher collaboration and how you are going to collaborate with other teachers in the future.  Write a short lesson plan as an example.

Group 3: Communication with Library Media Specialists

Read this article (you need the library Galileo password which you can find on the webpage of the UGA library).  Do you know about school library media specialists before?  Have you ever met one?  How do you think that you can possibly work with them in the future?  Except for your review and feedback to this article, you should also include a short lesson plan that you want to work with library media specialists.

Group 4: Communication with the World

Read this article and this article with a video clip embedded.  Think about how you can help your students or yourself to communicate with other learners and teachers around the world.  The second one may not be a good enough example; however, the assistive technology helps special education children broaden their horizon and connect to others.  It is an important way for children of special needs to learn how to communicate and collaborate with others.  After reading these two items, tell me your thoughts and write a short plan that you are going to use to help yourself and your students to communicate with others around the world.

Group 5: Lesson Planning (Think Like a Teacher, TLAT Project)

Identify a Georgia Performance Standard for your subject area/grade level that requires students to communicate and/or collaborate. Create a lesson plan that provides students with the opportunity to use technology to support learning your selected GPS Standard. Here is the writing guide.  Please download it as a Word document and then edit it.  Don’t send me the Google Doc link.


1) All responses should be at least 3 pages, double-spaced.

2) All responses should be in Word file and be uploaded to your assignment page in your e-portfolio.


I am working on this project right now, since it’s still winter break in Taiwan…We probably will start this communication practice project in mid-March and will work on it for a month.  More details coming soon!

For Thursday:

It’s a work day.  DON’t come to Aderhold, unless you want to use the computer in this lab to do your commercial.  You should work on your commercial and communication/ collaboration project.  Both projects are due on next Tuesday, Feb 21.



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