Communication and Collaboration– Day 2

9 Feb

I finished grading most of your assignments except for the Teacher Boot Camp responses and put the gradebook link accessible in this course blog.  Hope you all can see it.  Later I will send you my feedback to your assignments.  If you have questions about the grade, please email me.  Thanks!

There are several things that I want to talk about after grading your assignments.

1. The idea of “scaffold”.











2. Format: Word document.

3. If I find more that two typos in your assignment, I will take out 0.5 points.  Make sure you make good use of Word.  Use the spell check and grammar check.

4. Avoid unfinished sentences…

5. You can resubmit your assignment once to earn those points back.


We want to make this really serious and official like the commercials for the Super Bowl.  That’s why I will encourage you all to choose some new tools and spend a little bit time playing with it to know the basic ideas of that tool.  In addition, I want to see eight different tools to make it more like a real competition.  🙂

Let’s look at some professional ones.  Here is the list of the Super Bowl Commercials of 2012.  Which one is your favorite one?  Tell us why you like it.

Here is a Taiwanese commercial.  Tell me what you learn about this product after watching this commercial.

Here is another one in Korean.  How do you think about this one?

Here is the Time’s list of 25 best/worst infomercials.  I believe you will learn what are important for a good commercial after watching all these commercials.

All these are professional ones.  Let’s watch two commercials made by the students in other EDIT 2000 classes.



Now do you have much more ideas about what your commercials could be like?  Plan what you are going to include in your commercial.  You’re selling a product and teaching us a little about it – more like an infomercial.  Except for making the commercials, I also want you to be the judges.  Please list the criteria to evaluate your peers’ commercial here.  Then we will use this for next Tuesday’s evaluation.


Think about the tool you want to promote and the way you want to promote it.  You kind of need a storyboard or  a simple draft presentation.  Then you need to use the software Jing to create this commercial.

First, you need to download Jing and make sure it works.  With the free version you can only record 6 minutes or less. We want to stick to less than 2 minutes.  You’ll likely want to test out Jing a few times to make sure everything is recording properly.

You can have your tool as the screen image the entire time you are talking about the tool or you can have some powerpoint slides or other images to use along with the actual tool. If you’re absent from class today (or just need a refresher) view Jing tutorials here:

If you’re having trouble downloading Jing – you can try: Not quite as good as Jing – but it works.

External microphones are great if you don’t have a very loud voice.  If you don’t have a microphone or headset, you can check one out from room 232 Aderhold (you’ll need your student ID).


When you are finished, create a new page on your website called, “Communication and Collaboration.”  On that webpage, write a short description of your tool and why you chose it, provide a link to your tool, and provide a link to your Jing commercial.  A screenshot of your commercial would be great, too (and you can use Jing to create the screenshot!) This is due before we meet next Tuesday.

Fore Next Tuesday:

Finish your commercial.  The Oscar is going to be held in room 618 at 12:30 next Tuesday.  Each of you is competing for the best director, the best script writer, and the most creative one.  All of us will be the judges.  Can’t wait to see your commercials!


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