Day 7: Wrap-up and Roll the Dice

2 Feb

OK…the doctor still doesn’t have any idea what happened.  Everything is still a mystery.  I still feel weak, but at least I can eat a little bit more.   I really feel sorry that I still can’t process too much things right now, so I am far behind grading your assignments.  I will try to finish all the grading by next Monday.  Thanks for your understanding.

Another thing I want to check with you all is about your grades.  Do you want to have individual grade report or just a spread sheet that everyone have the access to all classmates’ grades?  I will make one based on your opinion.


I want to give each of you 3 minutes to talk about your learning environment.  Just give a short description.  Which grade level?  What subjects?  And then talk about the highlight.  Why is it special?  What is the difference from the learning environment when you were a learner?  Each of you have two votes.  We will choose the first two where most of us want to go there and learn something.  Those two winners will earn a late pass.


I want each of you share just one category of your choices and tell us how that will impact your teaching and what ideas you will use in the future.


Based on your response on your home page, I find some ideas and activities that we can try this semester.  However, sadly, we can’t do all of them.  Therefore, I want you to vote for those ideas.  Each of you have 300 dollars.  You can decide how much you want to put for each ideas.   Then I will try to integrate these ideas based on the numbers of the votes into our schedule in the next three months.

For Tuesday:

1. Complete the Chapter 3 Reading Guide. Post your completed reading guide to your Reading Guides page on your website. It is due at the beginning of class on Tuesday. Remember, you only have to do 4 of the 6 reading guides. If you haven’t done any yet, make sure you do this one!

2. I will try my best to finish grading all of your assignments. Again, I will send you a housekeeping email when I am done with your assignment.  If there is no serious personal issue, I might just send out a group email.  Therefore, check your email at least once next Monday.




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