Day Two: More about the Course and Create Your e-Portfolio

17 Jan

Welcome back!  I hope you all had a great MLK holiday weekend.  I know some of you are new to this class, so I will try my best to assist you to catch up with the pioneers.  If you have any question, feel free to ask me questions after the class.  Pioneers, I enjoyed reading your information a lot during the long weekend.  Thanks for sharing those things with me.

New Students: I need you to review last Thursday’s post to get the basic information about the class, to complete the student information sheet and your learning story.  You can find the post on the calendar on your right hand side of the page.

Pioneers: I need you to turn in your learning story.

We are going to start our journey for this semester.  Are you ready?


It is important to know the rules and get ready for the journey; therefore, let’s review the syllabus once again to make sure we all know the rules of the game. What questions do you still have?  Feel free to ask now.


Hopefully, you’re getting a better understanding of what our course is about. We’ll be looking at technology “in your life” and “in your classroom”. The more you find ways to personally apply what you learn in our class, the more you will reap the benefits of your new knowledge.

So – how do you learn? Before today’s class, you wrote a story about a time that you learned how to do something. As a class, we’ll share what we learned and how we learned it.

Guiding Questions:

  • What did you write about?
    • Was it something you really wanted to learn?
    • Was it something you were required to learn?
    • Was it something you wanted to explore?
  • Why was this learning experience special?
  • Did someone teach you?  Or you taught yourself?
  • Did your motivation to learn the skill affect how quickly you learned it?
  • Did you utilize some type of learning tool to acquire the skill?
  • Do you still possess the skill?
  • If you were to teach someone this same skill – would you teach them the same way?
  • What does any of this have to do with technology in your life and in your future classroom?

Activity– Aderhold Scavenger Hunt

We usually say people learn in different ways.  Some people are visual learners; others are auditory learners; still others are kinesthetic learners.  It is important to think about these different learning styles when you design your class.  Now, we are going to play a game to intermingle at least two of the learning styles, visual and kinesthetic.

Did you find out more fun facts about Aderhold?  Did you enjoy working with your partners?  Did you enjoy the class?  This is part of your participation.  Let’s talk about participation for a few minutes, since participation will take 10% of your final grade in this course.  In this course, participation is not based solely on attendance. Just showing up for class isn’t enough.

What should participation look like? What gets in the way of participating? How can a class be structured so that it’s easy to participate? How is participation viewed differently from a teacher/student perspective? Why does this matter in a technology course?


Even if you don’t have a website, you probably already have an online presence – through Facebook, Twitter, etc. As a learner in the 21st century – it is important for you to know how to create your own website. We’ll be working on this project, the e-portfolio, throughout the semester. Today, we’ll build the structure of your site, create an introduction page, and write your autobiography page. You’ll be using your website throughout the semester to store, display, and reflect upon course projects and readings.

Google Sites is like a combination website, blog, and wiki all rolled into one. We’ll be using it for all three functions. You’re going to be really amazed at what you can create without knowing anything about html code!


Justine’s Class Project Site

Thomas Lay After-School Program

K-12 Classroom Website

Sample EDIT 2000 e-Portfolio


  • Create the homepage for your e-portfolio
    • Insert an image
    • List several things that you want to learn this semester
  • Create an “About Me” page
    • Insert at least one image
    • Include several links to your favorite websites
    • Write 2-3 paragraphs about yourself

We’re just getting comfortable with the tool – so we’ll mess up a few times – but in a few weeks we won’t remember what is was like to not be able to create webpages. Here’s a link to the Help section for Google Sites if you have questions.

For Thursday:

  1. Make sure you finish the student information sheet and your learning story.  All learning stories turned in after Thursday will be considered late submission.
  2. Finish your “Home” and “About Me” pages in your e-portfolio.  We will share with each other on Thursday.
  3. Complete the “My e-Portfolio Form“.
  4. Make sure you have the textbook by Thursday. We will start to read the first chapter this Thursday.

** If you have any problems about your e-portfolio, feel free to email me any time.





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