First Day of EDIT 2000

12 Jan

What do you need to know for the first day of class? You need to know what the class is about, who your instructor is, what materials you will need, and what you will be doing this semester. I’m going to briefly cover all of these things during today’s class.

While you wait for class to begin, please complete the following tasks.  Thanks!

  1. Create a name card and try to know at least one of your classmates’ name.
  2. Create a Gmail account if you don’t have one.
  3. Complete the student information sheet.

What is this class about?
It’s about learning to use technology effectively in your own life so that you can (and will) use it effectively in a K-12 classroom. You can view the syllabus for more of the fine print – but that’s the main idea of the course.

Who is your instructor?
My name is Szu-Yueh Justine Chien.  Feel hard to pronounce my Chinese name? Then you can just call me Justine.  I am currently a doctoral student in Learning, Design, and Technology program at UGA.  I was an English teacher in a high school in Taiwan before.  In addition to that, I also taught in elementary schools, middle schools and a college before.  I just LOVE teaching!  I came to the States to learn more about technology integration because I hate seeing my students learning the same textbooks I used in high school.  I want to help foreign language learners to fall in love with whatever foreign languages they are learning.  The advancement in technology can help so much in language education, I believe. Want to know more about me?  Add me on Facebook, Twitter (though I seldom Tweet), or my personal blog.

What materials do you need?
The course textbook: Supporting Learning with Technology: Essentials of Classroom Practice – UGA custom edition.  Except for the textbook, you may need an USB drive, a headset or microphone.  You may need a digital camera, but not required.  You can get these from OIT on the second floor in this building.

You’ll need an open mind and a willingness to try things you thought you couldn’t do. You’ll also need to be able to work independently – as this is a fast-paced course that requires your full participation. That means sometimes having to figure out something on your own – rather than waiting to get the answer from me or a classmate.

If you think you have these ready, then you are pretty much set for this semester.

What will you be doing this semester?
You’ll be learning more about technology tools that you can use in your life now. And you’ll apply what you’ve learned to a K-12 classroom setting. All of this will be done through project-based learning. Don’t know what that is? I promise you will soon enough. You’ll be doing a lot of work, you won’t be bored, and you certainly won’t hear yourself saying, “when am I ever going to use this?”

For Tuesday (Jan. 17):

  1. Complete the student information sheet
  2. Get your textbook (Still can get it in the UGA bookstore)
  3. Find a photo that you would like to use it on your autobiography website and also send it to me.
  4. Most important: Write a story about a time you learned how to do something: ride a bike, drive a stick shift, multiply fractions, iron a shirt, etc. It could be something you learned 10 years ago or just last week. This should take at least 2 handwritten pages (or 1 1/2 typed pages). It’s important for you to learn early on that I loooooove details. I can never get enough detail. So . . . be detailed! This is due at the beginning of class on Thursday – no excuses!
  5. Try to think about a student group that you want to focus on for the assignments in this semester. Grade level? Subject?  That will be helpful during this semester.

That’s pretty much for today and next Tuesday.  Have a nice weekend and see you next Tuesday!



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